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Credit Invisibility

52 million credit invisibles

$8,000 average cost of having no credit

Billions lost by underserved communities

20% of the American adults are credit invisible – they have no traditional credit score due to a lack of information. Nearly 1/3 of these people will utilize predatory lenders like payday loans and pawn shops to meet their needs. These information gaps represent a structural problem that disproportionately impacts members of lower-income households, forcing millions to pay more for credit not because of credit risk, but because of uncertainty. Verify4 is working reduce these “uncertainty fees” paid by borrowers by empowering people with access to their own information to fill data gaps and provide more avenues to lower-cost, mainstream credit.

Verify4 improves lending and the application process



Consumer Lending

Pre-Employment Screening

Verify4 increases credit access and inclusion by giving people greater control over and access to their own information. This makes lending fairer and more efficient. It is truly a win-win. This will reduce the “uncertainty fees” paid by millions of borrowers in the form of higher prices for credit when lenders are faced with important information gaps and shortcomings. It will also aid lenders by improving credit origination and improving efficiencies. Similarly, Verify4 also improves the rental application process and allows job seekers a way to verify their employment more easily and without having their current employer contacted if they are job searching while currently employed.

Verify4 is designed to benefit YOU

-Opt-in data access 

-Data is not warehoused

-Data not used for marketing

-Data not transmitted to parties without your knowledge & permission

-Data NEVER shared with collection agencies or payday lenders

-Data is shared only for purposes you request and that benefits YOU


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