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Our Mission

Verify4 is a Delaware based Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) that was founded in 2019 with a mission of empowering people with a limited credit history to access credit. More broadly we aim to increase access to lower cost mainstream credit for all consumers as well and improve and make fairer other activities, such as job searches to help workers secure better jobs and and the apartment/home rental application process to aid consumers in improving their living opportunities.

Verify4’s Story

Two of the three co-founders (Patrick Walker and Michael Turner) come from a non-profit think-tank devoted to harnessing the power of information to increase financial inclusion in the US and globally. They spent many years identifying practical ways to leverage information to close key data gaps and make affordable financial services more inclusive for lower-income households. They grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of real change, especially given the opportunities now possible with information technology (IT). Undaunted, they took action and joined with the third co-founder, James Hervold, to form Verfiy4.

Verfiy4 aims to disrupt the traditional CRA, “credit bureau” space with the combination of three elements: [1] being a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with a credit inclusion mission, [2] being individual/consumer centric, and [3] utilizing new IT.


Among other things, this means Verify4 will:

  • work with lower-cost mainstream financial institutions, but not higher cost ones such as payday lenders;
  • not work with third-party collection companies. Our aim here is simple, act in ways that benefit the consumer;
  • use a model putting the consumer/individual in the driver’s seat. They can choose who has access to their data and for what benefit; 
  • not use their data for marketing or other purposes that were not directed by the individual.

The Verify4 Team

An elite team consisting of academic experts, and industry veterans

Fighting for Financial Inclusion

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